Smart Building

The Future of Living

  • Improve property appeal
    • To increase resident retention and quickly fill units
  • Expand management opportunities
    • By controlling doors access properties from any mobile device and managing vendor access
  • Protect investment and prevent damage
    • With sensors and property environmental controls
  • Safeguard property with automated access
    • By setting access control schedules, managing permissions, and receiving alerts for important access events
  • Deliver a seamless digital experience
    • Where residents open doors, control smart apartment features, pay rent and submit work orders via one mobile app
  • Offer self-guided showings
    • Prospects run their own tour while the property stays secure

One solution for property common areas, for apartment access, and smart space

Residents are willing to pay more and stay longer with more amenities and Increased Security.

  • Smart Access – Control who and when tenants have access to building amenities, shut off back doors at night, limit gym and laundry for certain times or residents.
  • Smart Locks – Key exchanges, lost keys, and rekeying are costly tasks for property managers. Using our platform, these tasks can be eliminated from your operations as well as your expenses.
  • Smart Thermostats – Property managers and residents can control thermostats remotely, eliminating the unnecessary heating and cooling of vacant units and setting minimum temperature settings
  • Smart Lighting/Switches – Smart lighting that you can control via your smartphone.
  • Smart Door/Window Sensors – Door window sensors tell you whether a door or a window is open or closed. This information can trigger events such as turning the lights on or triggering a siren when a window is opened when you are not at home.
  • Smart Fire/CO Detectors – Alerts property managers and residents immediately.
  • Smart Temperature/Flood Sensors – In a freeze or flood situation, a few minutes can equate to tens of thousands of dollars in damage.