DoorService Contract

For over 125 years Joseph P Mangione’s has been a leader in the upstate security and locksmith market. We are known for our exemplary service, honesty, and professionalism.   We are proud to add our new DoorService Contract to our list of services.

How a DoorService Contract can save you money:

Keeping everything in good working order can extend the life expectancy of a door system.  Once out of kilter, things can wear out quickly, causing potential damage and expensive repairs.  Your organization can save money on repairs and replacement of parts with minor adjustments.  If parts need to be replaced or updated, they are now not an emergency but can be scheduled within your budgetary time frame.

Door Closer – If a door closer is out of adjustment it will either slam or not close completely. This can cause injury to people, hurt the door system itself, or leave your building vulnerable to a security breach.  Correct adjustments are a crucial way to save money, avoid injuries, and save on company downtime.

Door Locking System – If a door locking system is too tight the mechanisms can bind causing the door to either not lock securely or not open easily. If it is too loose, the mechanisms will not catch properly, or fall apart.  A simple adjustment to the door locking system can save wear and tear on the system saving money for replacement or emergency service.

Door Hinge – When a door hinge is loose or not installed correctly it can cause major issues with the rest of the door systems.  A loose screw, somebody propping the door open incorrectly, or even weather can cause a door hinge to need adjustment.

Regularly scheduled maintenance with our DoorService contract will save your business money and costly down production time.