Commercial Services

Joseph P Mangione offers complete commercial security. If you do not see a service you require, simply contact us and we will find the best solution.

Automatic Door Openers

Automatic door openers allow an easy way to provide your building with ADA-compliant entryways. This gives access and inclusion to customers or residents with limited mobility. Our brand choice of automatic operators, NABCO, is also LEED-certified, meaning it can help you work towards a more environmentally friendly building. Contact either of our locations and ask for our trusted technicians to install and/or service your property. Every door’s needs are unique, and we are determined to find the best fit for your needs.

Go touchless!

By reducing shared touchpoints you can help stop the spread and protect everybody coming and going through your building. With this motion sensor, all it takes is the swipe of a hand, and customers or residents can be through the door without ever touching it. A perfect first impression of your property! Contact either of our locations and have our teamwork with you to convert your door to a safer and more seamless entryway.

Door Closers – Exit Devices – Hardware

These hydraulic control systems provide a highly flexible door control system that helps the flow of a high-traffic commercial door or any door that customers or residents would use. They help make your building more inclusive with ADA regulation. Door closers keep the door from slamming and make for a smoother entryway. This increases the longevity of the door and all of the latch hardware on it. The Arrow door closers that we sell have a hold-open feature that lets you prop the door open without any extra kick-down hardware. Contact our trusted technicians at either of our locations to schedule an estimate or install for your property. 

High-Security Locks

We are proud to be your Medeco Service Center! Medeco locks are the highest security locks that we carry. Taking the extra precaution of securing your property with high-security locks will protect against drilling, wrenching, bumping, picking, and prying attacks. Medeco keys can only be copied at our store, by the authorized personnel on your provided list. This guarantees that nobody else can gain access to your property without YOUR permission. If integrating these locks into your existing system is a concern, don’t worry! We can incorporate these locks into your existing master key system frictionlessly. At either of our locations, our knowledgeable staff can talk with you about the new Medeco M-4 line! We’re excited about this one, there’s a pin built into the key itself, making it virtually impossible for anybody with your key to make a 3D copy of it.

Temperature Readers – Stand Alone or Access Control

Our team is proud to install and program temperature readers to keep your business safe. They can act as a stand-alone feature, or be integrated into an access control system. We carry temperature readers that have facial recognition, incorporating these into your access control system will ensure that only the people you want in your facility will be allowed in, only when their temperature is under a set maximum. There’s even a feature to deny access if the individual is not wearing a mask. This is a must-have to help keep your building goers safe! Once Covid-19 isn’t a risk anymore, the temperature and mask feature can be turned off to have this device work solely as facial recognition, or palm reading access control device.

Safes – New, Repair, and Combinations Changes

Keeping your important documents, jewelry, priceless items, family heirlooms, safe is a priority to our team. We pride ourselves on having a knowledgeable staff that will work with you to find the one to fit your needs. Come see our display floors at either of our locations. Don’t see one you like? Our technicians can work with you to order one at a low and convenient price! We deliver, bolt down, and service most of the reasonably sized safes, or we will get you in contact with a moving company so you can have the most seamless home delivery of your new safe! Gun safes are also available at both of our stores.

Security Camera Systems

Why does your company need security cameras?

The answer is clear; deter Crime, protect your employees, customers, and property, and increase productivity.

More than ever, you taking steps to protect what is important to you is essential.  Employees and customers need to feel safe to be productive, customers need that security when entering your establishment.  Security cameras add that extra layer of protection while providing clear pictures to deter criminals and deter employees from and untoward behavior.

Educational Institutions

Security for Educational institutions are charged with student safety.  We can help achieve this goal with high-security locks, access control, cameras,  and intercoms.  We can also help perform the often forgotten fire door inspections.

Project Planning

Joseph P Mangione has been helping companies, for over 100 years, determine the best plan for their upcoming project.  The beginning of the project is when to bring in your security professionals.  Too many times companies have had to make change orders because of the lack of understanding of current systems or how products work with each other.

Cleanroom Technology

We have been installing Air-locks or Man Traps for our customer’s cleanrooms for decades.  As technology has improved so have the solution possibilities.  If you need cleanroom technology give us a call to find the best solution for you.